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Hattie’s Kitchen Garden

The visual focus of this comfortable, back-door garden is the dry-laid brick path that runs down its center. Edged on either side with cut-and-come-again herbs such as thyme, sage, mint, and oregano, the path guides visitors to your door while simultaneously allowing them to explore your garden if doing so suits their fancy.


Elsewhere, gravel pathways separate raised beds. In an area prone to clay, growing crops in raised beds prudently ensures a fertile soil environment. Constructed of locally harvested locust, these beds keep the garden neat and orderly while naturally resisting decay. The picket fence that surrounds the garden helps to cage the raspberries and blueberries growing along the western border. Similarly, the trellis attached to the wall of the house supports the peas growing outside the kitchen window (supplanted in early June with cucumbers).


On the stone landing beside the kitchen door, several varieties of sweet and hot peppers grow in large terracotta pots, placed there because the sun-baked stone keeps these heat-loving plants warm at night. Next to the peppers, beneath the east window of the house, is a bed of cutting flowers. We favor bee balm because it attracts hummingbirds and also because it fills up a vase nicely.


Along the east fence are strawberries interplanted with pencil-thin bush beans (haricots verts). The nasturtiums that grow up the south fence are a natural pest control; their flowers also perk up monotonously green salads with bright color and a peppery taste.


The double-wide raised beds in the interior of the garden hold the main annual crops: salad greens, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, carrots, beets, braising greens, and kale. Planted in the oak barrels near the door are melons, which grow vertically up the space-saving tuteurs, and an assortment of Italian and Asian basils.


(22 feet wide by 28 feet deep)




  Design and Installation    
  Excavation 1,200  
  Brick path 3,000  
  Stone steps 600  
  Gravel 310  
  Landscape cloth 200  
  Fence/gate 1,740  
  Trellis 165  
  Raised beds 515  
  Planters/pots 142  
  Soil 600  
  Irrigation 200  
  Electric fence 500  
  Composter 200  
  Berry bushes 315  
  Perennial herbs 25  
  Management fee (18%) 1,748  
  Total 11,460  
Annual Planting  
  Seedlings 75  
  Seeds 50  
  Mulch 75  
  Manure 50  
  Pest management 50  
  Management fee (18%) 54  
  Total 354  
  Annual Maintenance    
  Spring set-up 480  
  Weekly tending 3.120  
  Fall clean-up 360  
  Supplies 200  
  Annual Maintenance includes soil renovation, initial planting, resowing, weeding, pest control, harvesting, washing, and preparing the garden for the winter.  

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