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You purchased a home in the country to relax, not to be bothered with clogged gutters or a flooded basement. House Doctor can relieve you of these and other worries.


The reality in Columbia County is that tracking down an electrician or a plumber when you need one is nearly impossible. That’s why we’ve put together a team of reliable professionals to be on call for you.


When trouble arises, whether you’re upstate or down, House Doctor can be your first and only call. Maybe your window is broken, or your bathroom is malfunctioning, or perhaps you’re simply worried that you’ve left your oven turned on. House Doctor will take your call and then take care of your problem.


House Doctor also works to ensure that your home stays trouble free with an initial property review and monthly checkups.


How the Service Works

House Doctor is a subscription service. You pay an initial review fee, a monthly retainer, and applicable per-visit charges. In return, you get peace of mind.


Through Emergency House Calls, you may contact us at any time, day or night. Using our private network of responders, we’ll make sure that the right person gets to you right away.


Who Performs the Service?

Kenneth Young has been designing and building homes in New York City and Columbia County for thirty-five years. During that time, he has assembled a network of reliable carpenters, electricians, and plumbers who are both able and willing to handle all house-related tasks. These tradespeople are licensed, insured professionals whom Kenneth supervises directly.


In the world of home maintenance and repair, personal relationships are everything. To get the best service, you need to know—and be on good terms with—the best workers in the area. Through House Doctor, Kenneth puts his personal relationships to work for you.


Initial Review and Monthly Checkups

When you begin your subscription to House Doctor, Kenneth will schedule a review of your home and its mechanical systems. This review familiarizes Kenneth with your property and, more importantly, allows him to spot trouble before it happens.


Following the review, you will receive a written report. It will identify immediate and long-term maintenance needs and provide specific recommendations regarding work that may need to be performed.


Thereafter, Kenneth will conduct monthly checkups to make sure that your home and its systems continue to function properly. (More frequent checkups are available, if desired.)


House Calls
Imagine yourself driving down the Taconic State Parkway, having just enjoyed a restful weekend upstate, when you realize that you’ve left your heat turned up or your oven turned on. If you subscribe to House Doctor, you won’t have to turn around. Just give us a call, and we’ll run by your house for you.


More to the point, imagine another ice storm of the sort we had a few years back. Who will check your home to be sure that the pipes haven’t frozen and a tree hasn’t crashed through your roof? We will—and if there is a problem, we’ll make sure it gets fixed. Through Emergency House Calls, you can call us any time of the day or night, even if you’re downstate. We’re here, so you don’t have to be.

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