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McGregor’s Garden

As Peter Rabbit knows, few pleasures in the world compare to the bliss of eating freshly harvested fruits and vegetables. From the anticipatory joy of choosing seeds to the delight of tasting perfectly ripe produce, the satisfaction of watching one’s own garden grow is hard to match.


The problem (for a second-home owner) is how to maintain a vegetable garden on a part-time basis. The solution is McGregor’s Garden. We will take care of the work and the worry so that you simply get the carrots—and the tomatoes and the peas and the raspberries.


McGregor’s Garden will renovate existing beds or install a glorious new garden for you. During the winter, we’ll help you choose what to grow; in the spring, we’ll sow your beds; and during the growing season, we’ll tend them. In the fall, we’ll replenish the soil and put your garden to sleep for the winter.


The McGregor’s Garden service also includes harvesting, washing, and bagging your produce so that it’s ready for you when you need it. Why spend your weekends weeding when you can have fresh strawberries waiting for you when you arrive upstate?


Finally, we can also preserve your bumper crop as sauces, jams, and chutneys. Adorned with your private label, these make wonderful gifts at holiday time.


How the Service Works

The process begins with garden design. If you don’t have a vegetable garden, we’ll design and install a new one for you. If you already have a garden, we’ll assess its condition and give it a new life. For these services, you pay a one-time fee based on your customized plan.


Once your garden is ready, we’ll work with you on a crop plan. We’ll help you decide which fruits and vegetables to grow and how much to plant. When spring comes, we’ll attend to the seeding, weeding, watering, and harvesting so that your garden enjoys a successful season. For these services, you pay an annual fee priced according to the size of your garden.


Who Performs the Service?

Irene Young has been installing gardens and growing vegetables in Columbia County for more than twenty years. She will be supervising a team of knowledgeable gardeners steeped in the microclimates of northern Columbia County.


Assisting her will be Kenneth Young, who will plan the physical structures and manage whatever excavation and construction work proves to be necessary.


Custom Designs

Once you engage McGregor’s Garden, Irene and Kenneth will schedule an appointment to look over your land and discuss what you and your family would like to grow. Then they will custom-design a beautiful vegetable garden with your particular needs and tastes in mind. Your new garden will be a showplace for your home and a source of delicious, nutritious food for your table.


A sample of Irene and Kenneth’s garden designs can be found here.


Planting and Maintenance

If you’ve tried managing even a small vegetable garden as a part-time resident, you know that the work involved can be difficult to cram into a weekend—and even if you do find the time, you still can’t be around during the week to keep newly seeded beds moist or to harvest haricots verts when they really need to be harvested. McGregor’s Garden will manage these and other tasks for you so that you can enjoy the kind of vegetable garden you’ve always dreamed about.


The planting and maintenance program includes: wintertime consultations leading to the creation of a garden plan, the labor necessary to amend the soil and plant the garden, regular maintenance of the beds (watering, fertilizing, weeding, pest management), harvesting, and an end-of-season cleanup.


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