Valentine & Curio

Pricing and Payment

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $150.


House Doctor
The House Doctor subscription fees are $375 for the initial review plus a $85 monthly retainer. The monthly retainer includes one checkup per month. Additional regularly scheduled checkups are $27.50 per visit.


The cost of a House Call made during regular business hours is $75. Emergency House Calls (made at night or on weekends) incur a $75 surcharge.


If repair work needs to be performed, you will be charged directly for the tradesperson’s time and materials with no Valentine & Curio markup. You will also be charged for any further House Calls necessary to ensure that your problem is resolved properly. For these additional House Calls, you will be charged at the basic rate of $75 per House Call, regardless of when these additional House Calls take place.


Welcome Home

Ready-to-Eat meals are priced at $30 per portion.


Ready-to-Cook meals are priced at $24 per portion.


With regard to Local Pantry, you will be charged the price we pay for the items that you order plus a $30 service fee (for up to fifty items).


In addition to these food charges, there is a $35 delivery fee. (All Ready-to-Eat meals, Ready-to-Cook meals, and Local Pantry orders are included in a single delivery fee.)


Dinner Parties To Go are priced according to the menu chosen. (There is no additional delivery fee for Dinner Parties To Go.)


McGregor’s Garden
Because garden installations and renovations are custom-designed, they are priced individually.


The annual fee for the planting and maintenance service varies according to the size of your garden. (It does not include the costs of seeds, seedlings, bushes, and trees; nor does it include the cost of canning or otherwise preserving your harvest, should you choose to do so.)


Payment Policy
Fees will generally be charged as they occur to a credit card that you have provided.


House Doctor monthly retainer fees will be charged on the last day of each month for the following month (e.g. May 31 for the month of June).


On or about the first day of each month, we will send you a statement detailing the charges that have been made to your credit card during the preceding month.


Invoices for repair work performed by third-party contractors will be submitted to you as they occur.

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