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After a busy workweek and a long drive upstate, what could be better than arriving home to find a warm hearth and an expertly prepared meal waiting for you? Welcome Home can make this happen—and more.


Not simply a catering service, Welcome Home manages all of your kitchen needs, providing the care and attention you’d expect from a first-rate hotel concierge. When you arrive upstate on Friday night, you’ll find your heat (or air conditioning) turned on, your table set, and your refrigerator and pantry filled with fresh, locally produced foods.


You can order Ready-to-Eat meals, Ready-to-Cook meals, or even Dinner Parties To Go. The menus vary according to your taste as well as what’s seasonally available.


Through Local Pantry, we’ll also shop for you and deliver the food to your home before you arrive. Beyond providing the usual staples, we’ll introduce you to the best local ingredients, from dairy-fresh milk and cream to free-range eggs to organic meats and vegetables. No more beautiful Saturday mornings spent driving every which way to get what you need.


How the Service Works

As a Valentine & Curio member, you can order food (either prepared by us or simply the ingredients) by phone or e-mail. Your orders can include Ready-to-Eat meals, Ready-to-Cook meals, Dinner Parties To Go, specialty items from the local farms and dairies with which we work, and/or staples from the local grocery stores.


Because our members provide us with access to their homes, the food you order will be delivered directly to your kitchen and, as necessary, into your refrigerator. After delivery is made, your credit card will be charged accordingly.


Orders are due by 5 PM on Wednesdays for delivery before 5 PM on Fridays. (Dinner Parties To Go, however, will be delivered on the night of the event.)


Who Performs the Service?

Valentine & Curio’s chef de cuisine is David Rubel. As the host of “What’s for Dinner” on WAMC/Northeast Public Radio and also as a team leader with Chatham’s Keep Farming initiative, David has researched and promoted all manner of food produced within Columbia County.


Ready-to-Eat Meals

These meals, featuring seasonal ingredients from nearby farms and dairies, are designed to travel well and reheat easily, as necessary, in your oven or microwave. All include an appetizer, an entrée, and a petit sweet treat.

Please contact Julia to discuss what you might like among the options currently in season.


Browse a sampling of the Ready-to-Eat meals we offer. (pdf file size: 209kb)


Ready-to-Cook Meals

Ready-to-Cook meals are just that—food that we’ve prepared in advance for you to cook yourself. We take care of all the drudge work—procuring the ingredients, chopping and peeling, mixing and marinating—so that you won’t have to. All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions and voila!—a hot-off-the-stove, sumptuous dinner.

All Ready-to-Cook meals include, in addition to the entrée, the fixings for a robust salad (greens, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and nuts) as well as a petit sweet treat.

Please contact Julia to discuss what you might like among the options currently in season.


Browse a sampling of the Ready-to-Cook meals we offer. (pdf file size: 233kb)


Local Pantry

Local Pantry is not your typical shopping service. We’ll go to the grocery store for you, of course; but we’ll also shop for you at local suppliers you may not know about. We’ll provide you with milk and cream from local dairies, fruit from local orchards, and meat and vegetables from local farms.

For each item on your shopping list, we’ll search out the best choice available with taste, freshness, and locality as our top priorities. If you prefer a specific brand, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. Because we think the best food comes from local suppliers, we shop with them whenever possible.

Just send Julia an e-mail to let her know what you need.


Dinner Parties To Go

In rural communities like ours, socializing often takes place in the home, over dinner. Reciprocating can be a problem, however, when you have limited time or don’t enjoy cooking for twelve. Dinner Parties To Go solves this problem for you by providing everything you need to host a crowd. Just tell us how many people you’re expecting, and we’ll help you plan a suitable seasonal menu. The meals we deliver will be remarkable not only for their taste and style but also for their ease.


Browse a sampling of the Dinner Parties To Go we offer. (pdf file size: 246kb)


Dietary Requirements

If you have a particular dietary requirement—for example, if you are vegetarian—we will do our best to accommodate you. Please contact Julia.


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