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When you first purchased your home in the country, you surely had a vision of rural leisure in mind. Then you found out that the chores involved in running a second home were substantial enough to cut deeply into the relaxation you sought.


The purpose of Valentine & Curio is to give you back your leisure time and help you savor a rural lifestyle. Having once been part-time residents ourselves, we know what second-home owners need, what you want, and how you like to do business—promptly, efficiently, and with a minimum of fuss. Let us put our local knowledge to work for you.

House DoctorHome Management

You purchased a home in the country to relax, not to be bothered with maintenance issues. House Doctor can relieve you of these worries. When the need arises, whether you’re upstate or down, we can be your first and only call.

Welcome HomeMeal and Food Delivery

After a busy work week and a long drive upstate, what could be better than arriving home to find an expertly prepared meal and a pantry full of local foods waiting for you? Welcome Home can make this happen—and more.

McGregor's GardenVegetable Gardening

Ah, the bliss of eating freshly harvested fruits and vegetables! After installing a new vegetable patch on your property (or renovating an existing one), McGregor’s Garden will take care of the drudgery, leaving you to enjoy the strawberries.

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We currently serve homeowners in northern Columbia County, New York.

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